1/48 Italeri UH-1N Twin Huey "Gentle 15"

Gallery Article by Terry Davis on Aug 1 2011


This aircraft was built to represent the helicopters that VXE-6 flew out of McMurdo Station, Antarctica while I was stationed there in 1989-90. I chose to model "Gentle 15" (call sign) as it was one of the aircraft that flew out supplies to us during our survival training course. The picture was taken from a distance as access to the aircraft was restricted to essential personnel only. We were about ten miles out of camp on an ice shelf. It was a nice summer day, about 5 degrees below zero. Snow and ice as far as you can see!

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I built the kit mostly out of the box. All gunship components and related items were removed. I did replace the detail on the engine covers with wire mesh. To add some interest, I placed some styrene pieces and solder behind the wire mesh to represent engine components. Epoxy putty and styrene shapes were used to model the duffel bags, storage boxes, and equipment cases inside the aircraft. The antenna array was constructed using brass rod, photo-etch pieces and fishing line. The beacon on top of the engine housing was scratchbuilt. Photo-etched seat belts were used, also. 

All painting was done with Model Masters paints. The decals are from Draw Decal and were a pleasure to work with. I did have to replace the jet intake decals due to an error on my part, oh well! I would like to give thanks to Tim Bradley for making these decals available and the additional information he provided on this build.

Terry Davis

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Photos and text by Terry Davis