XIII Master Hobby Show 2011

Part 3: Propeller-driven military aircraft

Gallery Article by Orlando Sucre on July 5  2011

Venezuela Independence Day


Hello, fellow modelers and readers. I want to share some photographs of models exposed at the XIII Master Hobby Show that took place in Caracas , Venezuela , on June 11 and 12, 2011. The Master Hobby Show is an annual event organized by the Club de Modelismo (Modelers Club) 2000. I’ll show the photographs in several articles.

In this article I’ll focus in models of propeller-driven military aircraft. As the theme of the open category this year was “Modeling France,” there were many models of french-made airplanes, and also models of non-french-made airplanes in french markings. Among the second group was a Spitfire V with clipped wings in desert camouflage and dressed with yellow tail and shark mouth, what an eye-catcher model it was! Another outstanding model was a huge 1/72 Northrop YB-35 Flying Wing with a splendid natural metal finish.

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As always, there were many WWII Luftwaffe aircraft, like a tiny but very well detailed 1/144 Eduard Ju-52, several Messerschmitt and Focke-Wulf fighters, and the strange-looking Blohm und Voss fighter of asymmetric design. There were relatively few airplanes from the USA and the british Commonwealth. I finished my photographic sequence with one of a cardboard model from a Russian giant dirigible.

I hope you’ll enjoy the photographs. Greetings from Caracas , Venezuela .

Orlando Sucre

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Photos and text © by Orlando Sucre