XIII Master Hobby Show 2011

Part 1: Venezuelan armed forces

Gallery Article by Orlando Sucre on July 5  2011

Venezuela Independence Day


Hello, fellow modelers and readers. I want to share some photographs of models exposed at the XIII Master Hobby Show that took place in Caracas , Venezuela , on June 11 and 12, 2011. The Master Hobby Show is an annual event organized by the Club de Modelismo (Modelers Club) 2000. I’ll show the photographs in several articles.

In this article I’ll focus in models from the air, land and sea branches of the Venezuelan armed forces. There were fewer models this year of these subjects than in previous years. May be it’s getting harder to find decals for Venezuelan subjects. 

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The biplane in the first photograph represents a Caudron G3, the first airplane that served in the Venezuela ’s Air Force (FAV, Fuerza Aérea Venezolana.) Other hard to recognize subjects are a pair of Venezuelan submarines, one of these is the famous “Carite” (named after perhaps the most emblematic -and delicious too- fish of our country,) that were modeled together in a diorama in a very small scale (photo # 7.) There was also a T-2D Buckeye training jet in SEA style camouflage, of which I couldn’t take a good photograph.

Photo # 6 is from a diorama whose name translates as “The transition,” in which the transition from the old Sea King and the new Mi-35 transport & assault helicopters is symbolized by soldiers moving from one to another. Perhaps there are other less evident transitions symbolized in this simple diorama…

I hope you’ll enjoy the photographs. Greetings from Caracas , Venezuela .

Orlando Sucre

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Photos and text © by  Orlando Sucre