1/48 Tamiya N1K1-J Model 11 Shiden (George)

Gallery Article by Tony Feredo on June 12 2011

Philippines Independence Day


Kawanishi N1K1-J Shiden Model 11 (George)

701st Hikotai, 762nd Kokutai, Japanese Navy Air Force

based at Clark Air Field, Luzon

Philippines, October 1944


Built straight out of the box and used Tamiya acrylics and Gunze Mr. Color paints.  Leading edge yellow orange IFF and propeller warning bands were painted and then masked.

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Used the “salt water” technique for the paint chipping effect and enamel washes for additional weathering.

The 762nd Kokutai was a land based attack and bomber unit of the Japanese Navy Air Force but it also had its own fighter unit, the 701st Hikotai, when it was assigned in the Philippines in late 1944. This actual aircraft was found in a derelict state at the Clark Airfield complex by US troops in early 1945.

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