1/48 Kinetic F-16E

Gallery Article by Mohammed Aly on June 7 2011


This is my Kinetic F-16E Block 60.  The Block 60 is the most advanced F-16 to date, with CFT's and the more powerful GE-F110-132 engine.

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The model went together fairly well with only minor fit problems on the intake. The surface detail is good and the CFT's fit good. The cockpit detail looks great, and there are a ton of weapons.

I painted the model with Tamiya spray paints: AS-20 for the white and AS-25 for the gray.  Weathering was done with some charcoal and AS-11 for the drop tank.  The Kinetic model offers a great model for a low price and there is a lot of details and weapons. 

Mohammed Aly

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Photos and text by Mohammed Aly