My 1/48 Aircraft on duty Diorama

Gallery Article by Philipp on May 31 2011


I always wanted a cool diorama and since my space for planes is very limited, I decided to build a nice modern scenery of two planes in service like in Iraq for example.  I used my A-10 which was already on ARC.  The second plane is my F-15E strike Eagle from Academy.  Very nice kit.  I also placed the ground crew, hydraulic test stand, generator and fire extinguisher from the Hasegawa Ground crew set.  The HMMVV was a Christmas present from the mother of my wife.  Also I had some more workers, the weapon loader and the tractor from the Italeri Ground crew kit.

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The self-build table is from parts of an old desk.  I formed the "desert" part from wood filler and put lots of montage glue on it.  Some bird sand was mixed in and formed with fingers, spatula and some carton.  The plants are made from an old toothbrush and were painted with the airbrush.

I used about 10 sheets of sand paper and cut it in shape to build the concrete airfield.  I painted it with my airbrush and lots of paint.

I purchased the fence in my local hardware shop.  I used parts from old sprue trees to build the poles.  The barb wire came from a diorama shop over ebay.

The checkpoint was completely scratchbuild from styrene sheets.  I cut the windows out an old CD box.

I had an M-60 left from the HMMVV and mounted it on one window.  The crew ladder was also build from scratch.  I had pictures from the internet and tried to do it as good as I could. and I'm really pleased with the result.

At last I cut a square hole in my "airfield" and build a box from styrene and glued it in the hole.
I installed a fuel pump system build from some left parts from the HMMVV and made a cover door from styrene.

Overall I am more or less happy with the results of my work.  Hope you like it.


Philipp G.

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Photos and text by Philipp