1/32 Trumpeter Su-30

Gallery Article by Mike Pattison on Mar 16 2011


This is my first submission to ARC, and the third success I've had since 'finding' the hobby with my stepson about 12 months ago- I guess I'm starting to take it a bit seriously and my partner thinks my obsession with panel lines and rivets is an indicator of serious illness.  I, however, think it is worth the effort and continue to experiment with techniques designed to induce a 'Wow! How did you do that' from onlookers.

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So this is an OOB SU-30, with no added fruit and what I regard as a fairly basic finish. Even so, this kit took some four months to complete- this thing is a monster. And apart from some issues with stupid construction notes (or rather, the lack of them), I am developing an affinity for Trumpeter kits. And although 'purists' will complain about the nose shape and inaccuracies in the number of aerials etc., I'm not particularly fussed by that- or the details like individual aircraft flown by this bloke from that squadron on such and such a date. I'm after the general 'WOW!' effect and will take questions, queries and suggestions on how better to do that.

Hope you find the pics interesting (Hmmm, need to work on my photography skills too methinks)

(PS all my cockpit shots come out blurry- any suggestions?)

Mike Pattison

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Photos and text by Mike Pattison