1/72 Revell HH-3E

Gallery Article by Austin Kennedy on Jan 17 2011

20th Anniversary of "Operation Desert Storm"


I built the Revell HH-3E, a kit that precedes me by almost two decades, as one flown in Operation Desert Storm.  The HH-3E is an old Revell kit, and well, there wasn't anything special about it.  Originally, I was going to build it as a Vietnam Bird in SEA camo, however, the two tone desert camo looked more appealing on it.

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I added a few modifications to it, and didn't even bother to touch the interior as next to none of it was going to be seen. The interior is all but missing, and the doors are molded shut, solidified my decision.  The pilot figures are from Hasegawa's SH-60.

I painted it in Tamiya Acrylics and weathered it using a black wash from war pigs. The decals are homemade.

Austin Kennedy

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Photos and text by Austin Kennedy