HO Scale "Conjunction Junction"

Gallery Article by Alvis 3.1 on Jan 9 2011

Silly Week 2011


If you are of a certain age, from North America, you may recall little educational cartoons they used to run in the 70s called "Schoolhouse Rock". They were catchy little short bits designed to make kids learn..ha! Most of us who did watch them have long since forgotten the content, but not me, no! Sure, I can't recall where I filed all the tax forms for next year, but I recall this. Egads..but I digress..

When we last left off, "Conjunction Junction" was a busy little railyard, joining up words to make coherent sentences..what happened to it? Look at it now...overgrown with weeds, rusty, broken down rolling stock, tracks in disrepair..what a tragedy. What possibly could have caused this?

Oh right..the Information Superhighway. That bloody thing...now anyone can zip along, paying no heed to how words are held together. Gone is the care, the craftsmanship work that went into making a conjunction like "this OR that". Pity...Now we just have "lol" and smileys. Piffle!

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Three poor little railroad cars fell victim to my evil machinations. I printed out the "AND", "BUT" and "OR" decals on my inkjet printer, and some other decals were used to make up some of the stencils on the rolling stock. Standard railroad building materials were used to make the tracks, fences and shack. .

Still don't recall the little ditty? here it is..but don't say I didn't warn you..don't do it!

You did it didn't you? Well, don't get mad at me for that terrible earworm you now have....

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