Gallery Article by Hal Elsberry on Jan 8 2011

Silly Week 2011


This is the Hawk reissue of the Hodad Makin the Scene with a six pack kit. It was part of the Weird-Oh’s Silly Surfers line. As far a scale goes, I guess it is Silly scale. To make his shirt, I downloaded some Hula girl and flower images from the internet. Then I printed the images out as decals using the Testors decal set. This worked OK but the decals were pretty thick. I was also able to find some Pabst Hipster labels for the six pack. 

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The sand that I used for the base is from the pet store. It is supposed to be used on the bottom of bird cages, but it work’s great for these types of kits because it has small shells mixed in with the sand.

Thanks for looking. And thanks for Silly week.

Hal Elsberry

Photos and text © by Hal Elsberry