1/100 Bandai RX-79 (g) Gundam EZ8 (MG)

Gallery Article by Gonzalo Adrian Zauzich on Jan 6 2011

Silly Week 2011


Hello guys, this is my first ever submission to this great website. And this is my first ever Gundam model, I build armor and aircraft too, so this subject was an interesting kit to work on.  Its made by Bandai, the quality is very good and the instructions are in Japanese, but they are easy to follow.  One of the good things about this Bandai kits is that u can build them without using any glue at all!  So construction was easy and I was ready to paint the model in less than a day.  I used Tamiya acrylics for the painting and weathering.  I always pre shade my models and then I do some post shading too.  For the battle damage I used a solder with a screwdriver tip and a Dremel tool with an engraver.  I used oil colors for the rust and dirt (and some pastels too).

The base its made of drywall that I found in my basement, and was painted and weathered the same way as the model.  If you build aircraft or the occasional armor, I recommend you to give this Gundams kits a try.  Thanks.

Gonzalo Adrian Zauzich

Photos and text by Gonzalo Adrian Zauzich