1/24ish Polar Lights Jetsons Space Car

Gallery Article by Phil Peterson on Jan 7 2011

Silly Week 2011


The Jetsons was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. All the gadgets to make life easier. But my favorites were the flying cars. Polar Lights released this kit several years ago and it has been hiding in my stash but the opportunity to do a Blitzbau (build a kit in 24 hours) brought it out as an easy build. The Jetsons Space Car (or Spaceship if you prefer) is a snap together that comes with pre-painted vinyl figures.

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While the kit shows a two tone green paint scheme and every build I have seen replicates that, I wanted something different. I had a picture from an old VHS tape (I said it was old) showing the car in overall red so that is what I picked. I used Tamiya Italian Red (TS-8) straight from the rattle can. 

The figures looked pretty good as is except for the mouths on George and Astro so I added a little flat black. Think they look more like the cartoon now.

I can hear the theme song now.

Phil Peterson

Photos and text by Phil Peterson