Gallery Article by Probuilder on Jan 2 2011

Silly Week 2011


So after building the Accurate Miniatures RQ-1 Predator drone I got to wondering "what If" this was handed over to some Military R/C nerds??   And figure they would have come up with something like this,  The RQ-5 STALKER drone!  This Drone having been gone over  by Nerd types in the military given free reign to do as they pleased So the 1st thing was to get some very small very efficient Jet engines, the benefit was that due to sound restrictions in urban areas they are designed to be nearly silent so as not to annoy the peace in stateside neighborhoods and next was to make the rear engine a nice swivel nozzle for the vertical takeoff aspect  along with the tilt wing motor's this little warrior can even take off as few as 2 engines working. 

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Next additional lightweight mini sensors were added these to include full spectrum night vision and motion sensors for primarily night OPS which is the STALKERS main mission profile.   The STALKER can loiter for hours and can also loiter for shorter periods in pure hover mode to hide behind whatever cover is available and use it's topside vision system to maintain visual surveillance while not revealing it's location.   It can also land anywhere it can fit and use it's sensor array as a passive system for monitoring remote areas and with is new vibrations and hyper sound acquisition it can detect any sounds within it's sensor range and detect persons who may try to sneak up on it when it is on the ground.    And last it has had the compliment of Hellfire missiles replaced with the smaller Hades missiles with more bang for the buck and a wide range of mission specific  ordinance makes it a deadly little aircraft.

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Photos and text by Probuilder