1/72 Hasegawa F-15C Aggressor

Gallery Article by Jean-Charles GODDET on Jan 19 2011


1/72 Hasegawa Boeing McDonnell Douglas F-15C Aggressor

This model is a Hasegawa 1/72 F-15C block 27. I decided to show this bird in an aggressor blue scheme. This special scheme represents the boss plane of USAF 65th aggressor fighter squadron Nellis AFB, Nevada in 2009. This squadron has a dedicated role to simulate aggressor planes (Flanker family) and tactics for USAF squadrons and foreign nations in multinational exercises like Red Flag. This plane's serial number 800010 is the flagship plane of this squadron with specific markings 65 AGRS on tail. It was replaced in 2010 by F15C block 22 serial number 780515. The kit is from the Hasegawa box 00860 except for the decal not accurate enough, instead I used AFTERBURNER 72001 decals sheet. The decals are perfect particularly the unit patches. I followed AFTERBURNER instructions regarding colors but not the brand there are some number color mistakes, the upper and lower camouflage is Blue FS35109 Gunze acrylic H322 (I Added white H11), Blue FS35450 Humbrol enamel 47 + white and Grey FS36176 XTRACRYLICS XA1157. I added a light weathering on paint scheme because AGGRESSOR jets are very well maintained.

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To enhance the model I used PARAGON DESIGN resin parts 72070 for the Israeli manufactured ELTA 8222 electronic warfare pod used by 65th aggressor squadron. I enhanced the cockpit with the opened canopy and seat belts, I added a ladder and a pilot (with the red star on the helmet!) from Hasegawa accessories kit. I decided to add some armament one exercise Sidewinder air-air missile AIM-9X.

I hope you will like my model and pictures with squadron patches (one with my name a little joke). To add some information about the 65th squadron I give you the result of my research on internet of the 13 aggressors F-15C and 5 F-15D with WA tail code that I found in pictures :

  • F-15C BLUE 15 blue scheme 78-0515 tail 65 AGRS 2010

  • F-15C BLUE 18 blue scheme 78-0518

  • F-15C BLUE 80 desert scheme 78-0480

  • F-15C BLUE 89 blue scheme 78-0489

  • F-15C BLUE 03 desert scheme 78-0503

  • F-15C BLUE 04 blue scheme 78-0504

  • F-15C BLUE 11 desert scheme 78-0511

  • F-15C BLUE 38 desert scheme 78-0538

  • F-15D BLUE 67 desert scheme 78-0567

  • F-15D BLUE 12 desert scheme 79-0012

  • F-15C BLUE 10 blue scheme 80-0010 tail 65 AGRS before 2010

  • F-15C BLUE 18 blue scheme 80-0018

  • F-15C BLUE 24 desert scheme 80-0024

  • F-15C BLUE 54 desert scheme 80-0054

  • F-15D BLUE 58 blue scheme 80-0058

  • F-15C BLUE 28 desert scheme 82-0028 tail 57 ATG

  • F-15D BLUE 29 desert scheme 85-0129

  • F-15D BLUE 31 desert scheme 85-0131 crashed 30th July 2008

Jean-Charles GODDET

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Photos and text by Jean-Charles GODDET