1/72 Hasegawa Harrier GR.7 (Operation Telic)

Gallery Article by Ralph "RKic" Koziarski on Sept 30 2010


It is not very often that I will sing praises for a 1:72 Hasegawa kit. I find them overly simplified and lacking in detail that other manufacturers include in lower priced kits. The lack of weapons, and good markings in these kits is also frustrating. Still, I have to admit that this particular model was a lot of fun to build. The simplified detail meant that I was able to quickly slap the main components together and get on to the fun stuff. Fit, as in many other Hasegawa kits was mediocre, but nothing that any modeler with a modicum of skill could not handle. There were few fiddly bits to deal with, and those that did exist, were engineered in such a fashion that they could be applied during the final construction steps. 

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I built the kit essentially out of the box, adding only some tape harnesses to the simple but well shaped ejection seat, and laser guided bombs that I pirated from an Academy Hornet. The TIALD pod below the fuselage is only an approximation of the real thing. It was fashioned from an Academy FLIR pod and some plastic rod.

Weathering consisted of pre- and post-shading, followed by a pinwash of dark gray oils, and a dot-filter of various brown and black oils. Markings came from the box and represent an aircraft flown from Kuwait during Operation Telic (Iraqi Freedom) in 2003. The decals were typical Hasegawa in that they had some adhesion problems. A coat of Future below and on top of the decals should ensure they stay where I put them. The one decal disaster was a the upper wing roundel which folded itself in half in the water, and would not come undone (the one instance where adhesion problems would have been welcome). I replaced it with the roundel from another kit. It is slightly too large, and bright, but I won't tell if you don't.

I decided to have some fun with the photography and shot the model on the roof of my car in a field near where I live. I will grant to the eagle eyed amongst you who will note the trees in the background and comment on the lack thereof in Kuwait. Such is life when you live in one of the most verdant places on earth (the Pacific Northwest). I drove around for a good while looking for an ample desert-like location, but alas the rains and the long summer days make that impossible.

In Conclusion, I need to eat my words regarding the worthlessness of 1/72 Hasegawa kits. While not as much bang for your buck as another manufacturer's kit might be, they do have the potential for a fun, easy-going build; and isn't that what this hobby is supposed to be all about?

Ralph "RKic" Koziarski

Photos and text by Ralph "RKic" Koziarski