1/48 Academy F-15SG

Gallery Article by Leslie Choy on Aug 9 2010

  Singapore National Day 2010 


This project came about when I was approached to build RSAF's latest fighter, the Boeing F-15SG.  Coincidently the deadline is mid-August '10 and just in time for my annual submission to the ARC.  The basic kit is Academy's 1/48 F-15K SALM Eagle.  I managed to contact a local decal producer Scale Nutz http://www.scalenutz.com/ and secured one of their F-15SG prototype decal.

For reference, I used:

  • 1.The Modern Eagle Guide by REID Air Publications

  • 2. AIR DATA 6 by SAM Publications

  • 3. and pictures from various websites in the internet

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The model was build out of the box, there were some fit problem when assembling the air intakes and I could not find the guns anywhere in the instructions sheet nor in any of the sprues. The guns were later scratch built.

There are 2 obvious modifications that needed to depict a F-15SG, one is the extended tail boom and the other are sensors just outside the rear cockpit on each side. Both of these are done by plastic sheets glued together then file/sand to shape.

The F-15K kit does not come with a Sniper pod (another Academy F-15E kit do come with it as well as both the PW-F100 and GE-F110 engines, I'll using that kit in my future build). The kit's LANTIRN pod was used to disguise it as a Sniper pod.

The Scale Nutz decals were delicate as the printing comes off easily when it is handled too rough. It settled nicely with Mirco Set and Sol. As for the chequered black/ yellow tail tip, the decal comes in chequered black. I simply spray a yellow bar and then stick the decal over. Very nice.

I finished the kit with Gunze paints and armed the Eagle with the kit's AIM-120 and AIM-9X on the inboard pylon launchers and an external drop tank on the centre line pylon. The Mk 82s fitted to the conformal fuel tanks are from my scrap box.


Leslie Choy

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Photos and text by Leslie Choy