1/48 Eduard Spad XIII

Gallery Article by Huberlu on June 30 2010


My build was not going to be out of the box but when I started this model I thought it would be over quickly.

It was not
All parts are very fine and the most beautiful I've seen from Eduard, and yet it is difficult to build.

I used Vikers from Part and Humbrol paint:

  • Black: is black....

  • Light green: Hu 90 + 2x Hu 102

  • Dark green:6x Hu116 + 6x Hu117+ 1x Hu163

  • Dark brown: 2x Hu29 + 1x Hu60 + 1x Hu33

Here you can see different colours for the same federal standard reference:

The colours depend of the mark....

I believe I would paint it by using of painting Humbrol and by blending them. I'm using this site:

I'm used windsock N32 and this site where you can find all you need (200 photo?):

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I built a pilot with an Eduard pilot from "Aeronautique Militaire Francaise 1916" for a small diorama.

You can see the assemblage here:

and here in French with more pictures:


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Photos and text by Huberlu