1/48 Minicraft T-41D Mescalero

Gallery Article by Sertac Bayar on June 18 2010


The T-41s were procured in order to furnish the newly founded basic training unit at Gaziemir. The unit was later named as 123.Squadron and it started giving basic training to TuAF cadets together with the T-34s. After the arrival of the SF-260s in 1992 the remaining T-41s were transferred to the Yalova installations of the Turkish Air Force Academy.

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The kit is so beautiful. It has got highly compatible parts. I used putty a little bit. All details are added myself with handmade. Only country symbols are decals. Others are painted.  

I finished it on Saturday and won a 3rd in competition on Sunday.

Sertac Bayar

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Photos and text by Sertac Bayar