1/350 Flagman U-boat Type VIIC

Gallery Article by Daniel Craig on May 31 2010


This my 1/350 scale VIIC German U-boat.  Much has been written about the famous original.  The Flagman-kit is pretty nice although it needs some detailing.  I added the railing for example, which I had left over from an Edwards aftermarket-kit for a battleship.  I had to modify it quite a bit as it does not fit exactly.  I added some more metal-parts which form the fittings for the antennas that were made from stretched sprue.  The only thing that I am not quite satisfied with is the detail of the flak-gun.  I hope to be able to replace it some time. 

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I was impressed how small these u-boats were compared to battleships.  You can see a comparison to the hall oft the enormous (unfinished) Yamato in the same scale below.  In reality these two ships never met, but it shows how cramped the 50 crew members must have lived in that small boat.

I was able to finish the whole kit in one rainy cold weekend.  I hope you like the result as much as I do.  Maybe next time Iíll try the 1/72 scale kit from Revell. =)

Daniel Craig

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Photos and text © by Daniel Craig