1/144 Revell A-90 Ekranoplane

Gallery Article by KNES Armin on Apr 9 2010


Here are some pictures of my A-90 Ekranoplane. Usually I build in 1/48, but this 150 ton vessel is at least to big for this scale...maybe when I'm retired...

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I found this vessel assembled on my garret...I think I build it ten or twelve years ago. So, I deconstructed it, cleaned it up and built it again...of course not without some modifications: I add the cargobay with open door, the front and maingear in working position, the first and the last engine stage and some accurate exhaust pipes.

I think I will build more in 1/144. I already build a Revell An-124, but this is packed in a box and is waiting for a good display.

KNES Armin

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Photos and text by KNES Armin