1/18 scratchbuild Jukka Tervamäki JT-9T autogyro

Gallery Article by Nick Karatzides on Apr 12 2010


The basic JT-9 autogyro concept is about a tractor gyro design with good aesthetics and performance with fairly low power.  A 1.7 m diameter 2-blades propeller is powered by HKS 700 or Hexadyne Aviation P60 diesel engines, both delivering about of 65 hp at 2400 rpm.  The fuselage of the JT-9 is of normal steel tube construction covered with dacron fabric.  On the other hand, the JT-9B model is equipped with an electric motor instead of a diesel engine, with only difference the 3-blades propeller and wider front cover to house the battery packs onto both sides of the fuselage.  This project is about a 1/18 scale two-seat trainer (as for the "T") JT-9T model, equipped with diesel engine & 2-blades propeller made by carbon fibers.

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Having already tried my (suicidal) virgin 40 minutes flight experience with a friend's autogyro during last summer holidays, as soon as I safely stepped on solid ground again and returned back home in one piece, I felt the irresistible temptation to try a 1/18 scale autogyro scratchbuild. The project is already presented into ARC forum, describing step by step the model building. The Jukka Tervamäki JT-9T autogyros, designed by Mr. Jukka Tervamäki are currently still flying by ultralight aviators around the world keeping the Mad Max II GyroCaptain's (aka Road Warrior) spirit alive!

I used styrene plastic card, sprue, metal wire, epoxy filler, vacuum formed parts etc to finaly present this project. Acrylic Life Colour & Vallejo paints used for main colour and fading washes and dusting effects as well. You can find more pictures into EMI Greece forum http://www.emioannina.gr/index.php?showtopic=154 or into ARC forum: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=190666 I hope you'll enjoy it!

Nick Karatzides

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