1/400 Heller R99 Foch

Gallery Article by Carlos Carnavalli Jr. on Feb 22 2010


Add on: Eduard US carrier crew, some plastic sheet, roll and copper wire, Trumpeter Flanker aircraft, leds to lights inside hangar.

This is my first model made from the “Heller 1:400 Foch” aircraft carrier. 

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This model is a simple kit, easy to make. I made a great search to find the adequate color to paint this model...French Navy...and Heller, as we know, does not have a good information about this... 

There are spaces to make conversions and add scratchbuilt details, and I made the hangar bellow the deck.

There was not enough information to make this kit, so I only got the Brazilian publication “ASAS" and the official French Navy site to check up for information. When we have been making ships every day, thinking with scratchbuild is indispensable for success.
So, I made some parts for the island and hangar, both with plastic and metal.

To paint, I used the duo paint in the entire model. In deck, I used FS 36375, FS 36720 in the hull, in the air wings is FS 26440 and FS 36622.

Unfortunatelly, we have less options in 1/400 scale, but the most import is our obstinacy!
The price for the kits and other materials are not so expensive, which makes it very fun to build up!

Carlos Carnavalli Jr.

Photos and text © by Carlos Carnavalli Jr.