1/48 Italeri  F-16 Block 52+ Advanced

Gallery Article by Peter Athanasopoulos on Feb 5 2010


Hello my friends,

This time I present my latest build of an F-16Block 52 ADVANCE.  It was converted from the Kit of ITALERI F-16B / D VIPER in F-16Block 52 ADVANCE. The “Advance” is the new F-16 of the Hellenic Air Force.  According to new Blk52 Advance the kit needs some modifications (interior & exterior)

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In the cockpit I add one more screen in front and another one in back, I added more switches. The cockpit is painted with 126 HUMBROL and matt black.

Externally I added the antennas system IIF (on nose) made by plastic sheet, on the right side below the vertical fin I made perpendicular to the length of cylindrical plastic antenna system ASPIS. The conformal fuel tanks come from AIRES. 

The GHOST camo was done with the colors of GUNZE FS 36307 - FS36251-FS 36237.  

For external loads I put two tanks and the system LANTIRN.  For Weapons I put two laser bombs CBU-12 bomb of the new Air Force JDAM missiles both air-to-air short range IRS-T and two large AMRAAM 120C5

The first F-16Block 52 ADVANCE landed in Greece on May 22, 2009.

I hope you like it.

Peter Athanasopoulos

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Photos and text © by Peter Athanasopoulos