DHARMA Initiative Van

Gallery Article by Hal Elsberry on Jan 6 2010

Silly Week 2010


I am a fan of the “Lost” television series.  It follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific.  When I first saw Revell’s reissue of Deals Wheels Peace van, I knew I had to build mine as a DHARMA initiative van.  I decided to model it carrying supplies from the submarine to one of the remote sites on the island.

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I made some cargo for the van that would be needed on the island.  This included Beer, chips, magazines and a couple of books about Polar Bears.  You have to watch the show to understand why there are Polar Bears in the South Pacific.  I found all of the DHARMA Initiative food labels on-line.  I made the magazines from reduced images of period magazines.  I added DHARMA insignia to the exterior of the van to personalize it.

Building these Deals Wheels vans is a lot of fun.  I have built two and will probably pick up at least one more.  I am glad to see that Revell is re-issuing some of these old kits that I missed out on the first time.

Hal Elsberry

Photos and text © by Hal Elsberry