1/72 Ye-66C (rocket powered MiG-21)

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The Ye-66C was developed as a point defence interceptor. It was a shortened, lightned and rocket boosted variant of the MiG-21, designed as a stop-gap/low tech countermeasure against the XB-70. And as a backup for the MiG-25.

In the end the XB-70 was cancelled and the MiG-25 was developed on time so there was no need for the Ye-66C.

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There was no Ye-66C but the A and B version did exist. These where records breaking and research aircraft, using the MiG-21 and rocketboosters. Here is some info from the Wiki: ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikoyan-Gurevich_MiG-21_Variants_-_Initial_Mass_Production )

Ye-6T/1 ("Ye-66") (1959) 
Ye-6T/1 prototype, number 31 Red, was refitted with R11F2-300 engine to break the world speed record. "Ye-66" was a "fake" designation used on the documents submitted to the FAI; it was not the official designation. Konstantin Kokkinaki set a new world speed record on September 16, 1960 in this aircraft, reaching a top speed of 2499km/h (1552 mph) on a 100km closed course. 

Ye-6T/1 ("Ye-66A") (1961) 
After setting a new world speed record, Ye-6T/1 "31 Red" was rebuilt again to try to set a new world altitude record. To this end it had a U-21 rocket booster added to a fairing in the tail, and kept the upgraded R11F2-300 turbojet. "Ye-66A" was a "fake" designation used on the documents submitted to the FAI; it was not the official designation. On April 28, 1961, Georgi Mosolov set the new altitude record at 34,714 m (113,891 ft), breaking the previous record set by an American pilot in an F-104 Starfighter by 2899 m (9511 ft).

This model was build as an April's fool yoke in 2008. The Bortnumber 148 was a hint...01-04-2008.

The model was made using an old academy MiG-21 and a monogram B-52 droptank.

I used a couple of techniques to get the NMF finish: first primer, wet sanding, another layer of primer, wet sanding, layer of gloss black, polished with Tamiya compound, aluminum acrylic paint (games workshop mytril silver), decals, future, wash, sealing coat (future, Tamiya Base and Tamiya Smoke) and to top it all off, polished with grafite powder (this is also how I made different shades of aluminum)
I am not sure if all the steps in this process where necessary but I think the final NMF finish looks nice.

Borg R3-MC0

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Photos and text by Borg R3-MC0