1/72 Trumpeter F-107A Ultrasabre

Gallery Article by David Waples on Jan 11 2010

Silly Week 2010


After visiting the USAF museum in Dayton, Ohio I called my dad and told him about the aircraft he used to work on while at North American Aviation back in the day.  There was the XB-70, X-15, and the F-107A.  North American made some marvelous aircraft back in the day.  Dad began to tell me about the F-107A.  His good friend developed the induction system which is the most identifiable visual aspect of this airplane.  I found this 1/72 kit and decided to make it for him for Christmas. 

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  • I couldn’t leave well enough alone so I checked to see what could be done about upgrading the model.  I ended up adding the following…
  • Cobra Company resin cockpit set.  I in turn modified everything aft of the ejection seat to reveal all the plumbing and such in those small windows behind the cockpit.
  • I used Mike Grant instrument decals to complete all the instruments on the panel.
  • Pitot tubes from HobbyDecal (the long RAF offering) in both 1/48 and 1/72 scale for the long one on the nose and the short one on the starboard wingtip.
  • HobbyDecal and Verlinden dry transfers for the stenciling.
  • Black Stripe decals from Xtradecal.
  • I purchased a reference book, North American F-107A from Air Force Legends which served as a great reference and an additional gift for dad.

Arne Goethe already did a very nice article about this kit so I’ll not bother you with the details again.  I did make a case from oak with a Plexiglas cover and added a tarmac surface made from poster board and painted with Floquil concrete.  Dad really enjoyed it.  I think it brought back a lot of good memories of his friend and this wonderful airplane. 

David Waples

Photos and text © by David Waples