1/72 Scratch built Reggiane Re 2005 Sagittario Part 2

Gallery Article by Igor Svetlov (IS) on Dec 2 2009


362a Squadriglia, 22° Gruppo, Capua, Summer 1943

Scratch built, based on Pavla kit

So far, my attempt to produce an accurate 1/72 Re 2005…

Part 2: Painting and Finishing

The model was primed with the Alclad II primer and painted with the enamels from the set “Italian AF WWII” of  the range Model Master 2 by Testors.


It was really challenging to find all required markings, which would be accurate and of good quality. Finally I ended up using 5 different decal sheets:

  • Kit decals: wing national insignia,  fuselage squadron emblem and numbers,  MM number,  tail white cross and the   “Sagittario” logo as well as a couple of stencil data;
  • Sky Models “Caccia Reggiane”:  most stencil data;
  • Sky Models MC 205: King’s house crest;
  • Sky Models FIAT CR 42: fuselage fascia emblems;
  • Tauro “Macchi Fighters”: labels for the propeller blades.  

Final Steps

The real a/c represented by the model was new (it just had no chance to get heavily weathered due to its brief combat career)  and had an almost glossy surface, so only minimal weathering was added.

Future was used for clear coating: pure before the applying of decals and then with some Tamiya flat base added for the final coating.   

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I really hope that Italeri  or MPM can concentrate themselves on some other stunning Italian subjects such as  Re 2001, 2002, CANT Z.1007bis etc.,  but I don’t think, I’d be happy to see a new 1/72 Re 2005 among their future releases….


  • Reggiane 2005 - Ali D'Italia #16 - La Bancarella Aeronautica
  • Reggiane Re-2005 Sagittario - Aviolibri 4 by Maurizio di Terlizzi
  • Dal Re 2002 al Re 2005 by S.Govi
  • I’ Reggiane dall’ A alla Z by S.Govi
  • Reggiane Fotoalbum  by S.Govi
  • Reggiane Fighters in Action  - Squadron Signal in Action Series #177 
  • Reggiane Re-2001 Re-2002 Re-2005 - Aircraft Profile #244

Igor Svetlov (IS)

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Photos and text © by Igor Svetlov (IS)