1/72 Pavla Reggiane Re 2005 Sagittario

Gallery Article by Igor Svetlov (IS) on Nov 24 2009


1/72 Reggiane  Re 2005  Sagittario Scratch built, based on Pavla Kit
So far, my attempt to produce an accurate 1/72 Re 2005Ö

Part 1: Construction

It was just a weekend project, quick build, almost OOB, only a few minor improvements had to be done  ;-) ( LOL):

  • the fuselage reshaped and re-scribed because of its asymmetry;
  • the fairing behind the cockpit is a modified part from the MC 202 by Italeri;
  • the nose section replaced with the scratch built one (also due to asymmetry );
  • the wings were warped (probably due to the nature of the styrene used being somewhat like feta cheese) and had to be given a framework to obtain the correct shape;
  • the cockpit canopy supplied with the kit  (far from perfect) was replaced by the one from the Falcon set. This required, of course, some additional adjusting;
  • the main wheels are the parts from the MC 202 by Italeri, slightly enlarged to scale with Mr. Surfacer, flattened and with some detail added;
  • the main landing gear legs are made of brass tubes;
  • the entire airframe was re-scribed. The raised or overlapped surface elements are represented with Mr. Surfacer. 

As for the fit of the parts, I would rather give no comments about this... Anyway, it seems, I was still able to use a couple of original resin parts such as cockpit and the tail wheel. All other small parts were after all scratch built or extensively modified.  The pilotís seat, for instance, was originally  rather 1/48 than 1/72 and just didnít fit into the cockpit!

All major construction steps can be seen on the photos.

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As seen on the pictures, it would not also be that wrong to say, that this kit is actually by Gunze (due to the amount of Mr.Surfacer used)Ö

Just for comparison:
here here is this Pavla "masterpiece" built mostly OOB or at least without major corrections.  
Note the asymmetry of the fuselage and the wings.

My only hope, I haven't to commit suicide because of the release of a new 1/72 Re 2005 by Italeri or MPM/Special Hobby to soon...

Igor Svetlov (IS)

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Photos and text © by Igor Svetlov (IS)