1/32 Revell Lysander MkIII

Gallery Article by Simon Buckland on Nov 25 2009


Hi all, well here is my second model in 20 years, about one year since the mighty Spitfire. I think the Lysander is not as glamorous as its counterparts - hence its appeal, also this aircraft has the most interesting/peculiar wing design. I tried some scratch building - the engine cowling, porting and bracing - the electrical wiring as you can see from the photos, also I made a radio for the rear part of the cockpit and a false floor under the rear seat. The seatbelts are made from masking tape and I made the buckles from glossy cardboard. This is a large model with a wing span of 46cm - the span is as large as my 1/24 scale spitfire. Also, I have discovered spray cans for the large surfaces, this helped to give me a better finish, I hope to get a airbrush in the future. 

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This model had challenges for me, I found that the wheel arches once together required large amounts of filler and the clear plastic parts for the wheel/taxing lights didn't fit well - they needed some kiwi ingenuity, the wing bracings required work too. The rear wheel is not strong enough to take the weight - I think that this part could have been moulded from some sort of alloy. However this is what modeling is all about over coming the problem. 

I think that the 1/48 kitset from Eduard has a greater level of detail from the manufacturer, however, due to the size of the 1/32 scale Lysander I think it offers fantastic opportunities for the modelers imagination.

Thanks for looking at my Lysander, it will be a great asset hanging from my sons bed room ceiling. 

Cheers from New Zealand

Simon Buckland

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Photos and text by Simon Buckland