XII Master Hobby Show: ships

Gallery Article by Orlando Sucre Rosales on Nov 6 2009


Hello, fellow modelers!

Here I want to share some pictures I took while visiting the "XII Master Hobby Show." The Master Hobby Show is an annual contest and exhibition of static models organized by the "Model Club 2000" of Caracas. This years' show took place in the "21st Century Hall of Automobile" at the Transport Museum in Caracas, Venezuela, on October 10 and 11. I was gratefully surprised by the high quality of the models, the judges certainly didn't find easy choosing the winners of each category. 

What most impressed me was a diorama showing the USS Silverside submarine being serviced at a dry dock in 1944 (see above.) This diorama was constructed by Jorge Golik, who won 1st place, and shows plenty of activity (see detail photos below).

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Among other ships there were aircraft carriers, below are photos of the USS Enterprise and the French Charles de Gaulle. 

Part II of this series will be dedicated to aircraft. Greetings from Caracas, Venezuela. 

Orlando Sucre Rosales

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Photos and text by Orlando Sucre Rosales