1/72 Modelcraft Whitley Mk.V

Gallery Article by Don Bryans on Sept 22 2009


Here are some photos of my Modelcraft Whitley.  It represents a 42 O.T.U. aircraft, BD230, based at Ashbourne.

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This is a reboxing of the old FROG kit.  Despite the kit's age, the model went together surprisingly well.  As would be expected, a little filling and filing was required here and there.  

During the build, I decided to make good the kit's most obvious error - the rear fuselage, which is too narrow.  I braced the fuselage with scraps of Plastikard, gluing narrow sections longitudinally spanning the gaps.  I then filled the join with Milliput.  The other major issue with the kit is the glazing, which is far too thick.  The cockpit canopy did not fit correctly, and the rear turret is the wrong shape.  I used Falcon vacform canopies for the nose area (a first for me), and a spare Airfix Lancaster turret - suitably modified - for the rear.

For anyone building a Whitley, I recommend the 'Warpaint' publication, which has details and drawings of the major marks of this unsung aircraft.

The model is brush-painted, using Humbrol enamels.  Decals are from a mix of aftermarket sources, and are applied over a coat of Precision Paints gloss varnish, and sealed with a coat of satin varnish from the same manufacturer. 

It has not been possible to trace with any certainty the exact markings BD230 was carrying at the time of her demise, so I have finished the model to represent the aircraft as 'new'.

On 24 July 1944, whilst on a navigation exercise, BD230 dived into the ground near Derby, killing all 5 on board. For more details, see here: http://macr.moonfruit.com/#/whitley-bd230/4534844930.

Don Bryans

Photos and text by Don Bryans