1/48 RVHP HU-16 B Albatross

Gallery Article by Reinaldo Orellana (Shark) on Sept 18 2009

Chile Independence Day 


This is my first post on ARC and I want to show the model of the 1/48 Albatross that I made as a commission built for my friend Roberto Bravo.

This version is the HU-16 B with the number 574, belonging to Grupo de Aviación No. 2 of Fuerza Aérea de Chile (FACH), based on Quintero.

The model is the kit No. 48038 from RVPH and is completely of polyurethane resin with clear resin fuselage windows and white metal undercarriage parts.

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To build this Albatross I needed a lot of patience and I had to be very careful since it is not an easy model to assemble. Joints were fixed with cyanoacrylate glue and epoxy and I had to reinforce the fuselage and wing with metal rods to prevent displaying any visible cracks in the future. 

This aircraft was painted with automotive acrylic paints and decals were made by my friends Francisco de la Cerda, Alejandro Rivas and Juan Cunill.

You can see the step by step in building this model in the following link:


More pictures of this model you can see in:


The result made me very happy and I hope you like it.

Reinaldo Orellana (Shark)

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