1/72 Airfix  Iliushin Il.2

Gallery Article by Paolo De Sanctis on Sept 15 2009


THE HISTORY: The Iliushin Stormovik entered in service in 1941 and was designed specifically for ground attack role. This “flyng tank”, heavily armoured played a crucial role during the big tank battles in Russia and was built near the tremendous number over 36,000 units. That great bastard that was Stalin said that “the Il.2 was as necessary for Red Army like air and bread”. During the final stages of the war a number of these planes was delivered to the “allied” Poland.

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This is yet another old Airfix release. I built it straight OB one more time. Since I just have built a Russian sample, I finished this like a post-war plane supplied to the Polish AF.  Colours are in the Humbrol range, being field green 34102 (H117) and Hellblau 35414 (H65). This little kit would be something different from the standard one.  I believe that a preserved example of the real thing is visible today at the Warsaw AF museum.

Many greetings to the …colleagues modellers!  

Paolo De Sanctis

Photos and text © by Paolo De Sanctis