1/48 Hasegawa + Condor OA-4AR Fightinhawk

Gallery Article by José Miguel on Sept 2 2009


I love the Scooter.  On my recent holiday trip to Argentina I found a conversion kit for the two place OA-4AR in service with the Argentine Air Force. The A-4M from Hasegawa didn't need any presentation. The kit is excellent. The Condor set was excellent too.

I don't have any experience with resin kits, and this is my first "shoot".  I cut the fuselage from the Scooter without any problems and I glued the new cabin with CA.  Easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!; and today is still the only way to make a two cabin aircraft form the "A-4M".

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Several years ago I built the OA-4M from Monogram, an excellent old kit but with raised panel lines..... The new way is an excellent option for a new trainer in the collection.

I prefer to make the Argentine scooter, that is still in service; and the conversion kit includes the decals to an American airplane too; but the Argentine decals add a good addition to my collection. My next kit was an Scooter of the Falklands/Malvinas war.

Greetings from México City

José Miguel

Photos and text © by José Miguel