1/48 Italeri F-22 Raptor

Gallery Article by Heico van der Heide on Aug 28 2009


This kit was built straight out of the box. This is a fun kit but not a really superb one looking at detailling.  I followed the colour codes from the Revell 1/72 F-22 kit and added some metallic colour ( Revell 91 ) to these colours so there is a little shine on the aircraft. Because I could not find any other decals for this kit, I still used the original even though I know the colours do not match.  Still I think I made something nice of this kit.

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A few front pictures and one of the outer lines which was a lot a work for the brushing, but which look really nice.

I believe the Raptors used nowadays don't carry weapons under their wings but the kit said to put the bombs under and the missiles I had from another kit I put on just because I found it nice looking for this kit on display ( I don't really care about realism that much, model-building is having fantasy ) just like the inside of the missile bays are done with a bit fantasy. Still I hope you enjoy the photo's.

Greetings Heico van der Heide from Drachten Holland.

Heico van der Heide

Photos and text by Heico van der Heide