1/48 Signifer G-44 Widgeon

Gallery Article by Hugo Cabral on Aug 28 2009


In 1942 the Portuguese Naval Aviation acquired twelve G-44 Widgeons. This aircraft was mainly used in maritime patrol, liaison, and air photography in support of hydrographical surveys. During WW2 some of them operated in Azores Is., but due to their shorter range, they were not widely used as the G21B Goose. After 1952, these flyboats were transferred to the newly created Air Force and remained in service until 1962 (some sources refer 1968).

Presently two Widgeons are still preserved in both Portuguese Navy and Air Force museums.

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The Kit 

Although a resin kit, this model is very detailed and easy to build. 
It was painted with Alclad 106 (white aluminium), and the panel lines were enhanced with artist oils. 

The water diorama 

The base of the water is white Das Pronto modeling clay. The waves were moulded with a Q-tip. The base was painted with acrylics thinned with Future. Afterwards I covered it with two layers of Vallejo “Still Water” to achieve the wet aspect. 

For the wake I adopted a technique which I learned from this fellow modeller. Basically it’s an unravelled white scouring pad, soaked in Still Water. It’s a very simple but effective technique; however, good photo references are essential in order to achieve a realistic effect. 

My special thanks to Jérôme Meissonier from Signifer.

Hugo Cabral

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Photos and text © by Hugo Cabral