1/48 LS Yokosuka K5Y Willow trainer

Gallery Article by Michael Katz on Sept 3 2009


This model was made in 1985 that was taken all apart in 1996 and re built.  The interesting parts are as follow: the wing supports, wheels supports and propeller were all built from scratch using mahogany wood wood this gives the model a great warm look.

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The diorama represents a flight instructor giving is last tips before the young cadet goes to is first flight solo.

Notice that the Japanese insignia was painted instead of using decals.  The pilot windshield was remade from thin clear styrene sheet, the belts in the cockpit are made from masking tape.  The pilots figures were the original figures, but were cut from seated figures and re made into standing figures......parachutes were added as well.

The tiny propeller above the wing was not included in the kit.

Michael Katz

Photos and text by Michael Katz