1/48 Hasegawa Corsair II A-7E

Gallery Article by Todd Young on Aug 13 2009


"Last Minute Fix" VA-46 

This is the last kit I assembled before going on a plastic model hiatus for many years.  Like many, other things seemed to get in the way, and before I knew it almost 10 years have gone by.  I'm changing this this month, and will be beginning work on a 1/72 Hasegawa F/A-18 Super Hornet.  I'm very excited to start modeling again.  Of course my tool box hadn't been opened in years, so I started by dumping everything out, and then tossing anything that was a liquid.  Paint, decal solvent, cements, etc.  Anyway, I've got my "kit" back in order, and will begin work on the F-18 next week.

While trying to catch up on what I've missed in the modeling world, I stumbled across ARCAir, and have been studying the Gallery, Reviews, and Tools 'n' Tips.

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Anyway, I pulled the A-7 off the shelf, removed the Plexiglas cover, and took it out for some photography.

The build is pretty much out of the box.  I did detail with some copper wire (painted) in the wheel wells, and avionics bays.  And did "open up" one of the panels just below the cockpit.  The service vehicle is a Verlinden model, if I remember correctly (Its been some time!), as are the figures and the carrier deck.  Painted with Testors Model Master paints, and weathered with washes and dry pastels and ground pencil lead.

I hope you enjoy viewing the model, and will welcome me back in to the hobby.

Todd Young

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Photos and text by Todd Young