1/48 Fujimi F-14A Tomcat

Gallery Article by Steve Eggers


Here is Fujimi's 1/48 F-14A Tomcat kit.  At the time this kit was built (1986), I thought Fujimi's offering of the Tomcat was the best out there. Hasagawa hadn't dazzled us yet with a Tomcat and that wasn't to happen until several years later.


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This kit was "modernized" with a "current" 1986 paint job and markings for VF-142 - USS Eisenhower. 

The kit has Monogram ejection seats and Hasagawa Pilot and RIO figures in the cockpit. After a the Academy F-14 was released, I use the external tanks and put them on this kit.

I hope every one enjoys.

Steve Eggers


Photos and text by Steve Eggers