1/48 Hasegawa F-16 CJ

Gallery Article by Jeff Brundt


Here's my recently completed Hasegawa 1/48 F-16CJ. The plan all along was to build this one as one of my desk display models. I had originally wanted to use the 'Dirty Diana' markings from Daco, but no one had them available. I was quite bummed about that. So I had to be satisfied with the kit offerings. The Hasegawa kit is very nice.  Everything fit beautifully with the majority of putty needed to make sure the closed gear doors faired with the rest of the lower fuselage. That is to be expected. I don't think I've ever had any kit I've built with the gear in the up position not require some filler to make the closed gear doors look right. Hasegawa includes all the parts to make a Block 50 or a prior Block 30 aircraft. The instructions don't mention how to use the Block 30 parts, but they are there. The fact a pilot is included was a nice touch for my in-flight display purpose. You even get two different helmet styles to represent the Block 50 version.


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This particular model presented a challenge in how to attach the display stand. The engine inlet and exhaust area go deep into the model as per the real aircraft.  The only area where I'd be able to mount it would have been in the center fuse but that is where the centerline fuel tank is located. So, I ended up putting a hardwood block inside the centerline tank for accepting the stand's mounting pins. I made sure  the centerline pylon and tank were very secure to the  model.

My last decision was whether or not to go conventional bombs or 'wild weasel' load out. I opted for the weasel. I used the furnished stores from the kit.  There's something wicked looking about a fully loaded Viper. The model was painted with my trust badger 350 airbrush and given a gloss coat of clear lacquer prior to decaling. The decals go on very well and there are a lot of stencil/nomenclature ones provided. I didn't get all nutty with the weathering. For one it's a display model and second these aircraft are relatively new to the Air Force inventory and they really don't exhibit that much wear and tear. Perhaps in 10 more years.........

This was a nice, quick build and I am very happy with the results. Now, if I could only get my hands on some 'Dirty Diana' decals in 1/48 I'd have another Viper built faster than you can say 'Fox 1!'.

Jeff Brundt

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Photos and text by Jeff Brundt