Testors(?) Gee Bee

"What if" jet engined Gee Bee

Gallery Article by Dave McGowan


The X-41 Toucan is a "what-if" model based on the old 1/48 scale Gee Bee kit we've all been avoiding for years.  The use of such an aircraft would probably be for high-mobility defense of bases with lille room for aircraft storage.  Mostly, I just always thought a Gee Bee would make a great jet. 
After filling all the fuselage and wing marking recesses, I installed the intake from a "Shockwave" Jet Truck kit into the old engine cowling and cut a section out of the lower tail to accommodate the exhaust flare from an old 1/8 scale chopper tailpipe.  Markings were spares out of a buddy's extensive collection, and paint is standard gray over white USAF.  Metallics were drybrushed over black for added depth, and the kit pilot was replaced with one from an old Tamiya Jet kit.


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All the locations for the original Gee Bee paint (including a pair of dice on the side of the fuselage) were cast right into the model, and had to be filled.  Model required three or four nights and several pots of coffee to complete.

LOA:  Dinky
Wingspan: Minimal
Armament: 2 ea.: Colt .45 Semi Auto (cable-operated)

Yep.. the last one is a pic of me.  Other than being a model geek, I also spend several weekends a year working renaissance fairs up and down the West coast.


Dave McGowan


Photos and text by Dave McGowan