1/48 Kiddyland AT-TC-3

Gallery Article by Henry Hsiao


AT-3 Tsu Chiang

AT-TC-3 (AT-3 Tsu Chiang) trainer is the first domestically built aircraft of the Republic of China, and is adopted by the ROCAF academy to train its flyboys. In addition, AT-3 has also been selected as the horse for Thunder Tiger Demonstration Team of the ROCAF.


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The model I have made is a night-attack version, which is solely used by the 35th Squadron, 4th TFW of Hsinchu AFB. The jungle camouflage of it is somewhat similar to F-5E Tiger II in the past, and is fascinating to me.  

The 35th SQ was disbanded by now, and those ROCAF enthusiasts will no longer see the AT-3 wearing this camouflage again.  

Henry Hsiao


Photos and text by Henry Hsiao