1/48 Revell F-16

Gallery Article by Brandon Shown


This is my first submission to the ARC. My name is Brandon Shown. I normally build racecars but I decided to give the planes a try. The F-16's fly over my house all the time, so I decided this would be the subject of my first plane. I got the Revell F-16 1/2 off from Hobby Lobby. I finally got around to starting this recently. I used Krylon Pewter Grey for the light color grey on the plane. Then I taped off the nose and painted it Testors Primer Grey. Then I painted the rest of the plane Panzer grey. I know they aren't the exact colors, but they gave the look I wanted. The rest of the plane was built box stock. 


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I used parts of the landing gear as a practice for weathering. I don't have it down yet, so I only did the landing gear and not the rest of the plane. I tried my hand at scribing the raised panel lines, but I still need a little more practice as some of them didn't come out quite like I wanted. But for my first plane I'm very pleased and will be doing an F-18 Blue Angel next. 

You can see all my other models on my website.

Brandon Shown


Photos and text by Brandon Shown