"Iraqi Spud Missile"

Gallery Article by Alvis 3.1


Article by Steve Bamford

Many ARC regulars are well aware of the funny models built by Alvis.  At the recent Victoria Scale Modellers show on Sept 21/2002, Alvis showed up with his Iraqi Spud Missile and POT AT RIOT missile.  This of course won an award......Dan's Mon-key left the show in disgust and was seen ramming Alvis's car door with his trike.  If you look carefully in the picture above....you'll notice the Pot at riot missile is a potato peeler......Mrs Petrie was un amused by this use of her peeler and Alvis will be on carrot peeling duty for 6 months due to this model.....but he did win an award!!  Below is a picture of Alvis. 

Here is a picture of Alvis.....do you think it's an accident he's holding the award upside down?  :-)  Steve

Alvis 3.1


Photos and text by Alvis 3.1