1/48 CollectAire Models A-12 Avenger

Gallery Article by Dan Duna


Here is a 1/48-scale kit of a jet that never flew; the government cancelled the project because of cost overruns and other contractual problems.

Some more pictures showing the armament and the sleek shape of the A-12.


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This was my first resin kit and was a learning experience to say the least.  I used Tamiya acrylic paints to airbrush the finish and had a friend scribe the nameplate with a NC milling machine.  The only major problem was the resin hinges; I replaced them all with .010 thick brass and was pleased with the results. This was also my first paid project.  The customer is a vice-president of a law firm that actually worked on the case with the government.

The cockpit was loaded with details and took the most time to complete.

Dan Duna


Photos and text by Dan Duna