1/72 Hasegawa SR-71A ‘Blackbird’

Gallery Article by Andrew Whiteley


‘17976’ 9th SRW Beale AFB

There is 43 parts to this kit and it is very nicely detailed. The biggest problem I had with this kit was painting it.  Matt black over gloss black plastic is a bad idea. It was suggested I used an undercoat which looks like it would have been a damn good idea. I used around two coats of matt black to get a reasonable finish.


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The canopy made up of three pieces fitted nicely into place.  The wheels all fitted nicely together and I glued the nose wheel first, let it dry by resting on it and then did the same with the main gear. 

The decals despite their age were very easy to use. The red walk ways taking the most patience to fit into place.  The rest of the decal placement was completed without any problems Overall a very nice kit and one I would recommend.  

Andrew Whiteley


Photos and text © by Andrew Whiteley