1/48 Hasegawa Gates 35A Learjet

Gallery Article by Tadeu Pinto Mendes


The jets Learjet, are the executive airplanes of larger success of the world. It original project was derived of an attack fighter from Swiss. With several versions, the type 35 inaugurated in 1.973 being basically a 25 with turbines fan. In Brazil is the second largest user of family Learjet. In FAB (Brazilian Air Force) are 12 planes that carry out aerial photograph functions and VIP transport.


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The model:
This is a kit very well moulded of Learjet 35 in 1/48. It comes with the detailed executive interior.

I chose to do FAB where has the White (FS 17925) as predominant color. Rudder in Green (FS 24062) and Yellow (FS 23538). Strip in fuselage in Blue (FS 15200). Attack boards in Silver.

Tadeu Pinto Mendes


Photos and text © by Tadeu Pinto Mendes