1/48 Academy General Dynamics F-111C

Gallery Article by Rob Nieuwenhoven


I picked up this kit in Brisbane several years ago, fortunately I also got the Verlinden F-111F detail kit at the same time. While there are some cockpit differences, I wasnt too concerned as the F-111C pre-AUP is pretty close.  


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I liked the Pavetack pod, so fitted it, too. All RAAF F-111C now have this fitted. I used window tint film for the lens and was rapt with the result. BRU bomb racks were scatch-built and fitted with ESCI Mk82 HD bombs. The Sidewinder launcher and LGBs came with the detail kit. The missiles were left over from an ESI F-4 kit.

Unfortunately, the wings drooped from the weight. If I had to do it again, Id sleeve the wing pivots, fix the wings at 16 degree sweep and use the flap detail kit now available.  

The paint scheme was as per that used in the 1970s through 1990s. It has recently been replaced by an overall grey scheme but I liked the two greens and tan. I used the Aussie Decals decal sheet and found them great.

Rob Nieuwenhoven


Photos and text by Rob Nieuwenhoven