1/48 Hasegawa F-16 DJ

Gallery Article by Jahja Juwana


This is my Hasegawa F-16 DJ, I finished it in about 20 hours mostly correcting the seamlines which I found annoying since I thought Hasegawa's products is good. 


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I paid attention in cockpit painting cause the cockpit is so nice I couldn't resist to leave it that way.  I used oil paint for the switches and grey wash for the gray area, instead of painting the black area last. 

The problem I encountered in assembling the fuselage is the air intake since the new sprue for converting the F-16 B to D which have larger air intake didn't match nicely with the old parts. 

For weathering I used pencil and pastel chalk, the reason I used pencil is because the panel line is too shallow for my usual wash of thinned poster color, for the exhaust nozzle I used variations of Testor Metalizer. 

The kit is built OOTB, hope you enjoy these pictures, sorry for the poor quality on the pictures.

Jahja Juwana

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Photos and text by Jahja Juwana