1/48 Trimaster FW-190 D9

Gallery Article by Eric Larger


This is the rear view of my Trimaster FW190D9.  The model is shown on a Verlinden Trophy German airfield Base.  This scale model has been painted using a Passche VJR90 airbrush and  X-Tracolor paints. Decals are from Experten decal Sheet 1.  The WkNr of the aircraft is not correct as it was initially analysed as 400240, instead of  213240.  The gun cowl panel should be 5 pieces unit instead of the "standard" one.

Picture below shows the left side view.  The spinner should have been yellow and RLM 70 .  The horizontal stabilizers have been cut and repositioned.

The picture below shows a close up of the right side . Seat belts are from the Eduard photo-etched set.  They have been pushed on the right side of the canopy,  as German pilots used to climb in the cockpit of FW190D9 on left side of the fuselage.  The small wire visible between the landing gear leg and the wings will retract the tail wheel, via several pulleys.  Dust and exhaust stains have been applied after completion of the scale model.


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The picture below shows the underside well.  It looks quite real, with a shot taken like that, doesn't it?  Undersides have been previously painted in RLM76 and then using frisket masks in white and red.

The propeller is darker that the airframe, as it should be, as the propeller is made of wood . So matt varnish has been applied on it, a mixture of 2/3 matt varnish and 1/3 gloss varnish has been applied on the airframe .  A bit of Humbrol matt light brown has been applied on the underside and on the landing gear doors, to simulate the dust.

Hope you all enjoy this model.

Eric Larger


Photos and text by Eric Larger